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Ubican Global provides the most innovative, game-changing & emerging brands and products to disrupt the natural health and wellness movement. Each of Ubican’s brands are consumer-focused and designed to have positive impacts on people’s lives. Leveraging passionate brand experts and entrepreneurs with big ideas, Ubican Global aims to change the way consumers consume CBD products in their daily lives through functional foods & products.


Maxton Health is a team of pharmacists, researchers and medical professionals with a profound belief in the healing properties of the cannabis plant. Our principal focus is the production of organically harvested, non-GMO, phytocannabinoid-rich oils, creams, gum drops, gummies, softgels and capsules.


Perfected by Nature
Earth To Jane was founded with one goal, to provide the highest quality all natural relief products the world has to offer. The whole plant, hemp extracts used in Earth To Jane products are premium genetics and premium quality grown under the Colorado sun. In a world that is over prescribed and under-diagnosed, Earth To Jane aims to help those who are living in suffering find relief from the juggling act of managing pain with pharmaceuticals and synthetics by offering nothing but all natural, organic relief.


(Re)nano uses patented technology, that allows us to nano size particles and embed them into “nano-sized” water clusters. The clusters act as a supercharged delivery system for the ingredients and utilizes the way the body utilizes water for the delivery of nutrients to the entire body.


Supherb is snacks reinvented.  
All Supherb snacks are low-calorie, organic, gluten free, Vegan, kosher and Non-GMO. Loaded with fiber and plant-based protein, Supherb is the new go to snack for consumers who demand more out of their food. The brand’s collection of snacks are thoughtfully created with high quality, all natural ingredients that contain key proteins and nutrients needed to look and feel your best.


Holy Leaf is a premium smokeable hemp brand in its most natural form and use. Each flower is carefully selected to offer the highest quality product, grown organically in rich Swiss soil, for an authentic experience.


Swytch smokeable products were designed as a pleasant alternative for adult smokers. Organically grown and 100% free from pesticides and all types of chemicals which make cigarettes so harmful, Swytch Cigarettes Green & Gold TM , Hand-Rolled joints, and premium hemp flower products are improving the lives of smokers all over the world by helping them make the Swytch from tobacco products to hemp.


Easy Weed CBD flowers, grown organically in rich Swiss soil, aim to satisfy consumers looking for great quality at a reasonable price. This simple, straightforward brand is set to appeal to the masses at an entry-level price point.


Welcome to Slay! 
A collection of products designed by women who slay life. Life is about believing in yourself, setting goals, and then slaying them. Slay is a statement: a brand that gives you the confidence to bring out your inner power.


SynRG products are intentionally formulated to give the active athlete the proper programming to ensure their bodies are optimized for performance and recovery.


Kaneh-B is a research & development company that delivers clinical and preclinical researched CBD & natural compounds based products. With our experts’ background of 15 years of naturopathic blends and cannabis research, we have developed our products, unique both in formulation and in method of application, realizing the Entourage effect with a unique combination of cannabinoids, terpenes and herbal compounds.

Note: All brand names, logos and images above remain the property of UBICAN Global (www.ubicanglobal.com)

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