Chemesis is advancing integrated vertical marketing through traditional retail expansion and the introduction of unattended automated retail systems for rapid segment growth,

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Retail Operations

Introduction of automated IoT vending systems adresses Attended vs. Unattended sales to suit location ansd customer need.


Traditional Retail

Dispensaries are currently operational across the United States & Puerto Rico.

Chemesis is poised to grow and meet consumer needs while navigating local, state & federal regulations.


The Future of Retail

An automated store-within-a-store & highly cost-effective use of capital.

Gives consumers what they want, when, where & how they want it.​

Unattended IoT (internet of things) self-checkout solution for retail opportunities​

  • Technology includes artificial intelligence, facial & age verification, built in auto attendant with product education and promotion.​
  • Subscription based with an integrated consumer loyalty program.​
  • UV-C lighting kills bacteria & sanitizes product delivery. ​



Dispensary locations

Chemesis currently operates 10 dispensaries in California, Puerto Rico, Texas and Tennessee with 5 more under construction.