Chemesis is able to offer its clients all types of extractions, formulations & products. Specializing in BHO Extraction, Alcohol Extraction, and CO2 Extraction and currently has the capacity to process over 2000lbs of raw material per day.

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Two extraction facilities capable of large-scale commercial ethanol, CO2 & BHO extraction.

Finished goods manufacturing such as gels, sub lingual delivery products, tobacco-free chew, cartridges, and other consumer products.


State approval to initiate construction of a hemp processing facility.

Received Hemp Cultivation & Processing Licensing.

Gained Gold Vendor Status to license, manufacture, distribute, and sell RDT’s proprietary QuickStripsTM


Currently in the process of constructing a certified extraction facility and production lab under GMP standards, with international export capabilities.


Puerto Rico

BHO & CO2 extraction equipment for medical cannabis.

Finished goods manufacturing with products such as, tinctures, patches, edibles, liquids, capsules, and cartridges.

Packaging & distribution throughout the island expandable for large scale global commercialization.