Chemesis companies lead the cannabis industry with innovative, fully licensed, and fully compliant products and services. Every product in the Chemesis Family of Brands is crafted to the highest quality standards with cutting edge extraction and processing techniques and we only use 100% organically grown cannabis.

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Delivering Value Through Quality & Product Consistency​

Rapid Dose Therapeutics​

Chemesis is the only Gold Vendor that will deliver RDT’s proprietary QuickstripTM. QuickStrip™ technology.​

Quick, Convenient, Precise, Discreet™ oral fast-dissolving drug delivery system that offers a No Smoke, No Smell, No Stigma™ product to consumers.​

Unique, Independent, Personal​

Your world is uniquely yours. It’s personal and you live it on your own terms.​

URB’N Fog, Edibles & Private Stash define your independent spirit and expresses your unique impact on the world while powering your personal creativity.

Take the world on under your terms.​​

Courageous, Bold, Determined​

Experience the world on your own terms with Curador Flower and Vape Products.​

Carefully curated strains offer bold aromatics and vibrant flavors that bring power and prestige to every interation.​

Choose your path. Choose your future. Choose Curador.​

Green Spirit Rx​​

“The Essence of Wellness”​

Rising from Mother Earth giving the essence of pure, natural wellness while elevating your spirit to live life on your terms.​

Vibrant, Beautiful, Healthy​

Every carefully crafted Terapia topical and edible is made with the finest ingredients that mother earth has to offer. From luscious Terapia Topicals that comfort your skin to scrumptious Terapia Edibles that tantalize the taste buds and nourish your body, Terapia is made to make you feel incredible.​

Experience Terapia and show the world the real YOU​