Chemesis International Inc. Announces Partnership with the RESET Group

The Companies will work together to bring Chemesis’ AI retail solution to Portland, Oregon.

Vancouver, BC / Chemesis International Inc. (CSE:CSI.U) (OTCQB:CADMF) (FRA:CWAA) (the “Company” or “Chemesis”), is pleased to announce a partnership with RESET & Produce Portland to bring the Chemesis retail experience to its multidisciplinary hype clothing and culture shop as a first step to expanding the Chemesis + CBD experience locally, regionally and nationally.

RESET is a multi-category brand + product development company, that believes everyone deserves access to quality cannabinoid products. Produce Portland is a multidisciplinary hype clothing and culture shop located in downtown Portland. The shop includes market consignments, lifestyle clothing including, apparel, footwear, accessories, and home décor. The shop is noted as a noteworthy destination for Portland culture and was inspired to bring back the Portland artist community.

The placement of Chemesis’ VICKI AI retail solution will occur in the coming weeks, loaded with well-known CBD brands and products. The initial placement at Produce Portland is a non-traditional market and will provide valuable feedback for on-going sales strategies into this category. The data will provide valuable insight on millennial and generation Z consumer base, which will allow Chemesis to further refine its sales strategies.

“Chemesis employs a unique sales strategy that in addition to targeting traditional routes to market, there is non-traditional routes which build large scale brand and product awareness that is validated with this partnership,” said President, Josh Rosenberg. “We believe we will gain valuable data from this placement with the RESET Group to further hone and target millennial and gen z demographics.”

On Behalf of The Board of Directors
Josh Rosenberg

About Produce Portland

Produce will be an experiential and service based destination that compliments an unconventional retail experience. Our goal is to create a casually social atmosphere for fashionista’s, artist, entrepreneurs, and those alike that encourages conversation and caters to their lifestyle. Produce is not only a lifestyle brand that provides to men, women, and children, but a noteworthy destination for the Portland culture.

Produce was inspired by the lack of resources in the Portland artist community. The city has a plethora of talented individuals interested in fashion, art, and music, but we have yet to develop the platforms and guidance necessary to take many artists to the next level. Produce will fill help to fill that void and help bridge the gap in our community. Not only will “fresh goods” be available at your local Produce store through our curated selection of apparel, footwear, accessories, & home decor, but we will create opportunities for the creative community of Portland

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