Chemesis International Inc. Announces Partnership with Leading Cannabis Brand Retailer PureKana

PureKana is a top 4 CBD in brand awareness in the United States with significant brand strength, loyalty and consumer retention.

Vancouver, BC – Chemesis International Inc. (the “Company”) (CSE: CSI) (OTC: CADMF) (FRA: CWAB), is pleased to announce a brand partnership with Purek Holdings Corp. (TSX: PKAN) (“PureKana”), one of the top four CBD in brand awareness in the United States. PureKana stands out amongst its competitors and has cultivated a loyal consumer base by sourcing high-quality ingredients, harnessing social media outreach to create strong brand awareness and employing targeted sales strategies.

PureKana has carefully developed a range of products including oils, gummies, capsules, topicals, edibles, vape pens, CBD for pets, CBD bath bombs, and innovative CBD picks. This strong portfolio of products allows PureKana to offer tailored products that meet the demands of its target regional demographics, in addition to operating a highly successful online marketplace, which continues to grow. As such, PureKana’s vision for expansion aligns with that of Chemesis’, to make quality CBD products more accessible to consumers through multiple verticals/platforms.

Kathy Casey, CEO of PureKana Holdings remarked “Partnering with Chemesis is a major step forward in our distribution and consumer reach capabilities. Many consumer brands are not accessing alternate routes to market to reach new consumers. Being able to access the VICKI kiosk platform will allow PureKana to reach new consumers through non-traditional placements.”

PureKana focuses on providing high-quality consumer driven products, and as such Chemesis will be introducing PureKana’s high-quality products as one of its key product offerings for the VICKI platform. This partnership provides Chemesis the opportunity to broaden its consumer access to quality, safe, and reliable, CBD products that are trusted by its consumers to support a healthy lifestyle. As such, Chemesis’s team will work with PureKana to strategically place its products throughout its vending program across the United States.

“PureKana is a highly regarded brand by consumers and within the industry for their quality and well-branded products,” said President of Chemesis, Josh Rosenberg. “This partnership will allow Chemesis and PureKana to develop a cohesive strategy to bring high-quality products to consumers through an alternate route to market. Working with a strong brand such as PureKana, will give the VICKI platform another edge over typical brick and mortar dispensaries.”

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