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Chemesis International Inc. Announces Exclusive Partnership with ViaTouch Media for its VICKI Artificial Intelligence Self-Checkout Solution

VANCOUVER, BC, ACCESSWIRE / June 1, 2020 / Chemesis International Inc. (CSE:CSI) (OTCQB:CADMF) (FRA:CWAA) (the “Company” or “Chemesis”),

announces its exclusive partnership with Via-Touch Media for its VICKI IoT (“Internet of Things”) self-checkout solution for retail. Chemesis has exclusive rights across North America for VICKI machines containing cannabis products, and will announce its initial roll-out plan in the coming weeks.

VICKI allows Chemesis’ to enter the unattended retail channel, with an industry leading, technology enabled store, delivering a preferred shopping experience for both consumer and our retail partners. The platform leverages the following features:

  • Secure facial and age verification to ensure compliance in regulated markets.
  • Integrated loyalty program giving consumers the opportunity to setup automated home delivery, and other perks boosting consumer retention.
  • Consumers communicate with VICKI via Natural Language Processing for product information, location and other information.
  • Loss prevention via patent Intelli-Shelf hardware and VICKI Verify Program to combat retail theft and shrinkage.
  • UV-C lighting and QR-Code & contactless payment methods and to prevent and kill up to 99.99% of bacteria.
  • Advanced inventory tracking via cloud-based platform allows for automated reporting and restocking.
  • 15-inch display and speakers allow for an enhanced user experience to further elevate a consumer’s ability to connect with products and information.

VICKI will be branded under the Green Spirit Rx brand, integrating Chemesis’ brick and mortar and unattended stores. The combination of multiple retail channels gives consumers flexibility with 24/7 accessibility, home delivery, and access to budtenders in person.

“Chemesis continues to deploy innovative technologies that will certainly pave the future of retail and consumer experience,” said President of Chemesis, Josh Rosenberg. “We believe VICKI is at the cutting edge of the consumer retail experience.  VICKI gives Chemesis the ability to be within an arm’s reach of our consumers, delivering proximity for convenience, and leveraging artificial intelligence to create custom recommendations, subscription based fulfillment, and at home delivery, to UV-C lighting that kills bacteria. The Company will continue to expand its operations via bricks & mortar along with the deployment of VICKI’s in high traffic areas and lucrative markets.”

“ViaTouch Media is very excited about this strategic partnership as Chemesis understands the value the VICKI Smart Store will bring to their Cannabis customers throughout the world. Customers on the go will enjoy the frictionless shopping experience without having to interact with anyone as VICKI is the attendant who can answer product questions, guide you to the right selection and reward you for your purchases” says Jim Sirignano, ViaTouch Media’s Chief Revenue Officer.

For more information regarding VICKI, please visit,

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Josh Rosenberg

About Chemesis International Inc.

Chemesis International Inc. is a vertically integrated U.S. Multi-State operator with International operations in Puerto Rico and Colombia.

The Company focuses on prudent capital allocation to ensure it maintains a first-mover advantage as it enters new markets and is committed to differentiate itself by deploying resources in markets with major opportunities. The Company operates a portfolio of brands that cater to a wide community of cannabis consumers, with a focus on quality and consistency.

Chemesis has facilities in both Puerto Rico and California. The Company is positioned to win additional licenses in highly competitive merit-based US states and will expand its footprint to ensure it maintains a first-mover advantage.

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